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Floor Stripping and Refinishing: Only the Best for Cleveland

We Are Metro Cleveland's Favorite Commercial Cleaning Service.

Why You Need Floor Stripping & Refinishing

Commercial floors can take quite a beating every day a business or organization is open. Accumulated layers of waxing and polishing only make it worse. Why greet your clients with scuffed and scratched floors when you can have them looking their best?

Top of the Line Cleaning has extensive experience stripping floors and then refinishing them to look like new. Get in touch with us to discover what we can do for your floors.

How It Works

After moving your furniture and other items to a safe location, we use a dirt mop to clean dust and debris. Then, we apply our floor stripper using a special machine and pads. Next, we pick up the dirty solution and rinse and dry the floor. The final step is to apply the new floor finish to make your floors sparkle!

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